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We provide modules that of your structure 

make Intellect Building.


  Our equipment can provide you with:

1. Control equipment performance in real time.

2. Control of power consumption of each individual piece of equipment or groups.

3. Data processing equipment by date.

4.Tracking plan building project working equipment with complete characteristic: consumption, current, voltage, power.

5.Self learning normal program, the nominal values workable electric system.

6.Operational monitoring and data entry when upgrading or replacing equipment.

7. Drafting graphs energy, power, or other characteristics of the equipment for the object.

8. Receipt of the deviation from the normal or alarm for each individual piece of equipment or a group.

9. Full monitoring with all the characteristics providing electricity from the supplier.

10. Ability to install units on or off the equipment.

We use the equipment at the request of schakazchika production: USA, Israel, China, Europe, Russia.

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