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Universal Software

This products with our software provide more function then PMAC202, provides 8M bytes memory for U, I , kWh per month. 
  If you only need 2 level current alarm, we can customized a small software for you.
   Does customer has system to
PMAC3624 is suitable for single circuit meter, like 3 phase / single phase meter. It is not suitable for Branch circuit power meter(PMAC201HW, PMAC202) .
How about use PMAC202 with HMI for the first step ? With the HMI, you can see the status of the 42 outgoing circuit.
 Then engineer can also know wether the circuit is abnormal or not. In page 32 of the PMAC202 User manual, you can see more clear.
 After sample approved, then we discussion more about the further solution cooperation.  


SPM4000F DMS Power Distribution System
  • SPM4000F DMS Power Distribution System



UniArt is a PC based Windows platform that offers easy to use monitoring, data logging and controlling SCADA software for DDC/PLC. It establishes a natural Man Machine Interface between the control staff and the site’s control systems.

This system is especially designed for HVAC systems as well as energy, electrical , lighting, fire detection, extinguishing systems and more.


Elnet Billing System, is a Web based platform that offers easy to use monitoring, data logging and Creation of Electric Billing reports.

The software is design to work with the ElNet power multimeter seiries. It can comunicate with the meter units using RS-485 lines, LAN lines or via celular or conventional modems.








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